WIP – a studio for coworking in Como


I worked at WIP for a few weeks while I stayed in Como. Couldn’t recommend it more…

The location is fantastic for coworking in Como. If you’d fancy a little break, the lake is just 10 minutes away. And, not to forget: Bar Como, which is right in front of the studio. They fuelled many of my mornings with their cappuccino (da portare via).

Bold to paint the walls of the main studio all in black, but I loved it. It’s airy, open, and lots of plants everywhere and a little kitchen area… all on a nice sunny courtyard.

My favourite part was meeting the amazing community of creatives at WIP. I felt super productive being surrounded by architects, marketeers, art curators, or tech start-up founders.

A genuinely beautifully designed place to do coworking in Como, welcoming and fun! Don’t forget to ask the founder for one of his occasional live DJ sessions or karaoke nights;)

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